RENEW 2021

As we transition out of our 2020 marching season and into a new plan, we want to take the time to keep you informed and generate excitement as we take this step into a NEW creative way of training, educating and preparing for the competitive 2021 season. We were poised to be one of the best marching bands under Mr. Jaggie’s tenure as head director of the program. However, changing access to facilities in the building prevented us from safely and reasonably proceeding forward. Ultimately, it was in the best interest of the program to concentrate efforts in spaces we can completely manage and use our time & resources to focus on music education and building an unbreakable foundation for 2021. Our main task is to reimagine band classes in an online format for the foreseeable future and make sure our administrations’ plan for virtual learning and reentry into in-person classes is successful. The focus and time for this transition places a large responsibility on the band directors to be strong teachers and leaders, create and instill new ways of learning while being strong and encouraging band directors. We are dedicated to this challenge and are 100% committed to this new plan of renewing, rejuvenating and responding to the needs of the program.

We are extremely excited, through thoughtful and intentional planning, to present our new plan moving forward called RENEW 2021.

This plan was put together to renew, rejuvenate and respond to the needs of the program and give a large boost into the spring of 2021 with plans and momentum to compete for another state championship. This new plan will focus on the following things:

  • provide educational experiences in both small group (chamber) settings and in the full ensemble setting for EVERY instrument and for EVERY student involved in the marching band.
  • provide solo and private lesson opportunities for EVERY instrument in the band program.
  • the Directors, staff and boosters begin plans to financially rejuvenate and create fundraising opportunities to set the band up to have the most successful season to date in 2021.

Please visit the link below for a schedule of opportunities that are provided for ALL students. 

RENEW 2021 Schedule

We trust you will take advantage of these REGARDLESS of which option you choose for sending your student back to school.

The power of chamber music education

Young musicians thirst for the opportunity to perform on their own individual parts and be independent of others helping them. They need to get in touch with the senses that open up creativity and tap into the ability to concentrate and engage while making music. Musicians need to be free to communicate and listen. They need to have the responsibility of preparing a part that is theirs and no-one else’s. They need to understand how to find tempo and refine intonation on their own; chamber music provides that opportunity. 

Implementing chamber ensembles in any music program breeds success. The best ensembles in the country have strong, year round chamber programs. Madison Central first implemented a year round chamber music program in 2014 and the band went on to win 3 state championships and took a step toward building a national level program. In fact, Madison Central was the first band to perform a concert solely consisting of chamber ensembles at the Kentucky Music Educators Association convention in the history of the event.

These benefits of small group training are some of the secrets to creating responsible, accountable and creative musicians. We feel there is no better way to renew and educate our musicians than a healthy chamber music program. 

Your contribution payments are MORE important than ever

The Madison Central Band has taken a large financial hit during COVID-19. As you may know, the band has a contribution payment for the 2020-2021 year of $300, which was discounted from $600 in July. We certainly understand that $600 is a substantial investment, but that only accounts for roughly ⅕ of what the band needs to operate a full year. We fundraise, we make do with less than what we might want more often than not, we improvise, and fundraise some more. As the band provides the above opportunities for ALL students and looks toward planning for the 2021 competitive season, the parent contribution payments become one of the most integral parts of being able to provide this education and help respond to the needs of the competitive ensemble while building a strong financial foundation. Your contributions allow us to provide educated staff members on each instrument, purchase music, provide accompanists for solo opportunities, execute design needs for 2021 and secure competitive opportunities for the upcoming season. We ask as we move out of our 2020 marching season and into our RENEW 2021 plan, you will partner with us in creating a strong sense of financial momentum. WE NEED YOU!

If you have not done so, please visit this link to PAY your 2020 contribution payment. 

  Pay Online

We cannot describe enough to you what your payment means to this new RENEW 2021 plan.

Fundraising opportunities available at this time

Eastern Kentucky University Football October 10. Sign up online

Mad Mushroom Event – Eat at Mad Mushroom all day to support the band

Please check the website often to see other fundraising options being added daily.

Thank you for your support of our program and we will continue to work tirelessly to provide quality music education to your children. We know how much this band program means to the parents, students, community and alumni and will continue to do anything in our power to build a strong competitive force in 2021. Your support both financially and fundraising is greatly appreciated. 

As most arts programs during COVID-19, the band has taken a large financial hit. A separate informational email regarding ways you can help will follow within a couple of weeks, but if you know anyone that can help with a tax deductible donation to the Madison Central Band Program, please direct them to our DONATION PAGE via this link. You can click and give any amount online and share the pages on your social media account. Your partnership in this will help build a strong foundation as we move into 2021.