The Madison Central Marching Band is the most visible organization at Madison Central High School.  Each year, the band entertains thousands of people at  State and Local competitions, football and basketball games and parades.

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The Madison Central Marching Band is also consistently one of the most successful organizations at Madison Central and is known throughout the State and Nation as an elite musical organization.  In fact, Madison Central is famous for the quality of it's competitive band program! Since the beginning of the State Championships, the Madison Central Marching Band has won two state championships,  has been state runner-up five times, and has participated in KMEA State Marching Band Finals (Final Four) an incredible 13 times.

Most importantly, the band is fun! Each year, the marching band is recognized as the most fun part of the school year among our students and parents. The marching band students share a camaraderie and sense of purpose that most other students can only imagine.  Our students make friends and build relationships that last a life time!  Marching band is not just  a school or extra-curricular activity, but a positively life changing experience.

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Like everything that is worthwhile, participation in the Madison Central marching band does take effort.  Each year, students and parents voice many similar questions concerning participation in the marching band. If you do not see your question here, or you would like to discuss participation in the Madison Central Marching Band, please contact Director of Bands Mr. H. Brent Barton, at, or call Mr. Barton directly at 859.625.6109 ext 5423 or 859.625.4440.

Who is eligible to be in the Madison Central Marching Band?

All Madison Central students are welcome to become members of the Marching Band.  Prior training is preferred but not required. We will teach any student that has a positive attitude. Students must be reliable, responsible, and have demonstrated good character in school!

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Will marching band interfere with studies and school work?

The very best academic students at Madison Central High School are often members of the Marching Band. Over the last eighteen years, Madison Central has had five National Merit Finalists, two of those have been members of the marching band. Each year, many students are ranked in the top 5-10% of their respective classes, and our band students generally make higher grades during the competitive season.

Can I prepare myself adequately for an exceptional career or profession in the nation's top colleges or universities and still be a member of the marching band?

Students who participate in the marching band always graduate and almost always attend college. Not only do our students attend college, but they successfully enter and graduate from the nation's top colleges!  Over the last several years our students have been admitted to the University of Kentucky (agriculture, pharmacy, engineering, education, architecture, law, nursing, music); the University of Louisville (music, engineering, journalism) Harvard (medicine) New York University (Theatre) MIT (Science writing) The Air Force Academy (Mechanical Engineering) Stanford University (Medicine), Brigham Young University (education, medicine), The University of South Carolina (Public Relations), Auburn University (Engineering) and many, many more. If you can dream it, the Madison Central Band can help you achieve it!

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Does membership in the Marching Band cost money?

All members of the Madison Central are ask to pay a "fair share" contribution of $500.00 which is all applied to the cost of education, equipment and travel.  This money can be paid in small, affordable installments, or can be paid in a lump sum for a substantial discount.

What If I can't afford to pay this cost?

The Madison Central Band is an educational entity and we make every effort to be inclusive of ALL STUDENTS. Students are never removed from the program, or punished in any way, due to lack of payment.  We respectfully ask that all parents and students remember that we are a team on and off the field and all of us have different skills, talents, and resources on which we can rely to help shoulder the cost of the organization.

I'm worried that marching band will take time away from my friends and family.

Being on any successful team at the high school level takes time.  However, students that participate in intense and competitive activities are almost always happier and socially adjusted than students that do not participate in these activities.  Every year, Madison Central honors our two highest achieving and most popular students with the Mr. and Mr. Central awards.  Since 2000, Band Students Jonah Brown, Turner Smith, Evan Cummins, James Wood, Raechel White, and Roman May have won these prestigious awards. In addition, there are always many band students in the prom and homecoming courts. Students that march, or become involved in competitive sports, are almost always happier, more accomplished, and more popular than students who are not in activities or sports.

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Does Band Have Initiation of New Students?

No students are "initiated" into the Madison Central Band program. All band, Madison Central, and Madison County BOE strictly forbid fraternity style initiations.

Is there a lot of running and physical discipline in marching band?

Marching Band is a team "sport" and like all sports requires some fundamental running and conditioning for the safety and well being of our members.  Almost all energy, however, is exerted toward marching and playing at the highest level each student can possibly achieve.

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Is it "cool" to be in marching band?

Some of the coolest people in the world got their starts as members of their high school marching bands including:

Samuel L Jackson-internationally acclaimed film star, regarded by many people as the coolest person ever, played french horn in his marching band.

Jennifer Garner-world famous model and movie star; Saxophone.

Halle Berry-Academy award winning actress and one of people magazines perennial "world's sexiest women"; Flute

Gwen Stefani-internationally known singer and recording artist; Flute

Tony Stewart-successful stock car driver and celebrity; Trombone

Steven Spielburg-perhaps the most famous film director of all time; Clarinet

Ewan McGregor-leading man in "Star Wars" and many other films; French Horn

Drew Carey-world famous comedian and game show host; Trumpet

Woody Allen-comedian, screenwriter, producer, movie start; Clarinet

Johhny Carson-Perhaps the most famous late night host in the history of television; Percussion

Gloria Estefan-Grammy winning singer, songwriter, and band leader; Clarinet

Nelly Furtardo-Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Actress; Trombone

Any many, many more!

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