Band Fees

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While the Madison County Board of Education gives the band substantial funding, the amount provided is nowhere near what the band needs to compete on a championship level. Therefore, it is necessary to assess a band fee for participating in the MCHS Marching Band.


Band Fees:

  • 2019/2020 band fees.. $550.00
  • Substantial sibling discount available

Additional Fees:

  • Marching Shoes.. $40
  • Marching Gloves.. $16
  • Guard Shoes.. $37
  • Instrument Rental.. $25


We accept payments via PayPal.

The following menu items are your responsibility. Please keep current with your payments. This is how our band remains intact and successful. It takes a community.


2019-20 Band Fees

Band Fees
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School-owned Instrument Rental Fee

School-owned Instrument Rental Fee
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Marching Band Shoes and Gloves

Band Shoes & Gloves
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Color Guard Shoes

Color Guard Shoes
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Other Payment Options:

  • Mail your payment to Madision Central Band, PO Box 616, Richmond, KY 40476.
  • Have your child drop your payment in the deposit box in the band uniform room. (Please enclose the payment in an envelope with name, telephone, and what the payment is for written on the front.) 
  • Give your payment to:
    • Band Treasurer, Jennifer McCoy
    • Assistant Treasurer, April Maikkula
    • Financial Secretary, Christy Crutcher
    • President, Michele Saylor

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Standard Payment Schedule


This is just a suggested schedule. You may pay at your convenience. When possible, early payment is encouraged!

  • $50.00 Paid June 2018
  • $110.00 Paid July 2018
  • $110.00 Paid August 2018
  • $110.00 Paid September 2018
  • $110.00 Paid October 2018
  • $110.00 Paid November 2018

Total: $600.00 ($50 discount if paid in full by 8/1/2018) 

NOTE: If you are using a school-owned instrument, you need to pay a rental fee of $25

Alternate Payment Schedule

In some limited and special situations, the Band can provide financial assistance through scholarships for students that may not otherwise be able to afford membership in the Band program. NO STUDENT has ever been penalized or denied access in the Band program due to financial considerations or circumstances!  EVERY Madison County student has a place in our organization and is encouraged to participate in the band program. Please contact Mr. Jaggie with questions or issues.

An Alternate Payment will be presented for approval by completing the Hardship and Alternate Payment Request Form. 

*Please note, there may be additional fees incurred not specified here. 

The Madison Central Band is a non-profit public educational institution.  We spend every penny earned or donated on providing our students with the most outstanding educational experience possible.  Your “Fair Share Contribution” represents less than half of the cost of an individual to participate in Band. The remainder of the band’s finances comes through fundraisers, donations, MCHS, and Madison County Board of Education contributions.

Parent and student help is essential toward maintaining a successful educational program. Your ideas, connections, and experiences are much needed as our band continues to grow and improve. To learn more, see our fundraising opportunities. 

We need you!



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